Call For ORAL Interview at TRA 2022

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Call For ORAL Interview at TRA  Selected candidates (SELECTED) to continue the interview are required to consider the time and place of the interview as specified in the call to the interview. NB:

(i) For all cadres who will be interviewing in Zanzibar, the interview will be held at the Maruhubi Tourism College – Unguja, Zanzibar

(ii) For the cadres of TAX MANAGEMENT OFFICER II, CUSTOMS OFFICER II, TAX MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT II, ​​CUSTOMS ASSISTANT II and RECORDS MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT II to conduct interviews in Dodoma, the interview is scheduled to take place ‘LECTURE ROOMS’ of ‘COLLEGE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE’ at the University. Dodoma (UDOM) (iii) For other Cadres they will conduct interviews as directed in the Preliminary Announcement for the interview In addition; All interviewees are required to arrive wearing Barakoa (MASK) All candidates are reminded to arrive with their Original Certificates. All respondents are required to arrive with their IDs Kuitwa kwenye usaili wa oral TRA


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