Yanga Fixture NPL|Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NPL 2021/2022

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Yanga Fixture NPL|Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NPL 2021/2022 Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NPL 2021/2022, Ifuatayo ni Ratiba ya Yanga msimu huu 2021/2022 ,Mechi zote za Yanga msimu wa 2021/2022,Mechi za Yanga leo TPL,Mechi zilizobaki,Mechi zinazofuata Yanga,Mechi zilizosalia Yanga 2021/2022
The following is Yanga’s Schedule for this season 2021/2022, All Yanga Matches for the 2021/2020 season, Yanga Matches today TPL, Yanga Club was founded in 1935 at the time with the aim of helping in the struggle for Tanganyika’s independence at that time,
Yanga was the team of the African people (Tanganyikan) and later more Teams established own by  Europeans, Arabs and other rulers but Yanga became the strongest team due to the popularity of many citizens which is why to this day Yanga call themselves the People’s Team (Timu ya Wananchi).
Yanga is the most successful team in the Tanzanian football league,
Yanga leads the way in winning the Premier League in Tanzania as they have won the title 27 times more times than any other team in Tanzania
29 September 2021
Kagera 0 – 1 Yanga
2 October 2021
Yanga 1 – 0 Geita Gold Fc
19 October 2021
KMC 0 – 2 Yanga
October 30, 2021
Yanga vs Azam Fc
November 2, 2021
Yanga vs Ruvu Shooting
November 20,2021
Namungo vs Yanga
November 30, 2021
Mbeya Kwanza vs Yanga
December 11, 2021
Simba vs Yanga
December 19,2021
Prisons vs Yanga
December 26,2021
Yanga vs Biashara United
December 31,2021
Yanga vs Dodoma Jiji
Round 12, TBA
Coastal Union vs Yanga
January 23,2022
Polisi vs Yanga
February 5,2022
Yanga vs Mbeya City
February 23,2022
Mtibwa vs Yanga


March 3, 2022
Yanga vs Kagera Sugar
March 6, 2022
Geita vs Yanga
March 16,2022
Yanga vs KMC
April 6,2022
Azam vs Yanga
April 30,2022
Yanga vs Simba
May 4, 2022
Ruvu Shooting vs Yanga
Yanga vs Namungo
Yanga vs Prisons
May 21,2022
Yanga vs Mbeya Kwanza
May 24,2022
Biashara United vs Yanga
June 1,2022
Dodoma VS Yanga
June 8,2022
Yanga vs Coastal Union
June 11,2022
Yanga vs Polisi Tanzania
Mbeya City vs Yanga
June 19,2022
Yanga vs Mtibwa Sugar

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