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MOE:COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIPS TENABLE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM 2022 The General public is hereby informed that the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC) is inviting eligible Tanzanians for Commonwealth PhD and Masters Scholarships tenable from September/October 2022. Interested candidates are highly encouraged to apply. Full details of the scholarships are available on the website:

2.0 Application requirements

  1. An applicant for Master degree must hold a first degree of at least upper second class with honours;
  2. An applicant for PhD degree must hold a relevant postgraduate qualification (a Master’s degree) with at least Upper Second Class with Honours or Distinction;
  3. All applicants must have the support of a potential supervisor from at least one UK University listed in the applicants’ application form; and
  4. All supporting documents must be submitted in the required format.

3.0. List of documents to be submitted

An applicant must submit the following supporting documents as part of the evaluation process:

  1. Academic certificates and transcripts;
  2. Two recommendation letters (referees reports);
  3. One supporting statement from a UK institution for PhD candidates;
  4. Proof of citizenship or refugee status in a Commonwealth Country; and
  5. A quality study plan with detailed potential impact on the development of your home country.

4.0     Application process and submission

  1. Apply online using the CSC’s online application system. The details on how to apply for scholarships are available at:
  2. All electronic application forms to Commonwealth Scholarship Council (CSC) must be submitted with all mandatory fields completed by 16:00pm (GMT) on 1st   November 2021.
  3. The application form should also be submitted in soft copy to the email address not later than 4th November 2021.
  4. The deadline for receipt of all required supporting documentation by CSC is 22nd November, 2021 16.00pm (GTM).


     Issued by

Permanent Secretary,

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,

Government City,

Afya Street,

P.O.Box 10

40479 DODOMA


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  1. Witness Clemence mutalemwa says:

    I want toa study for Ph.D

  2. Witness Clemence mutalemwa says:

    I want to study for Ph.D