Job Opportunities at Dangote Industry LTD

Job Opportunities at Dangote Industry LTD

Job Opportunities at Dangote Industry LTD Dangote Group continues to grow its vision of becoming the leading provider of essential needs in Food and Shelter in Sub-Saharan Africa. We continue to sustain and improve on our market leadership in Cement Manufacturing, Sugar Milling, Sugar Refining, Port Operations, Packaging Material Production and Salt Refining. In line with our philosophy, we will continue to provide the basic needs of Nigerians.



Key Duties and Responsibilities


  • Conduct surface surveys to identify the characteristics of potential land or mining development site
  • Conduct initial survey, risk assessment and environmental impact assessment for potential sites to assess whether plans are workable
  • Implement and monitor the development of the mines
  • Conduct quarterly survey on stocks, pit and reject dump.
  • Monitor reject dump for any change to the plan submitted to the ministry and advice the head section and head of department accordingly.
  • Design, develop and implement computer applications for use in mining operations such as mines design, modelling or mapping or for monitoring mines conditions.
  • Prepare and monitor the execution of yearly excavation plan.
  • Examine maps, deposits, drilling locations or mines to determine the location, size, accessibility, contents, value and potential profitability of deposits.
  • Implement and coordinating mining plans and safety program
  • Prepare technical reports for use by mining, engineering and management personnel
  • Ascertain and prepare quarterly report on the mining boundaries and title deeds of the company.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the head of mines or Supervisor.

Key Requirements


  • Holder of Bachelor of Science in Geomatics or any related discipline.
  • At least 5 years of working experience in relevant position.


(Working experience in open pit mines will add an advantage)



  • Private Health Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Training and Development
  • The deadline for submitting the application is 16 March 2021



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